Review PROLOGO TGALE bike saddle

19 Sept 2020

At IRONMAN 2019 I had an issue when I started running, the saddle I used before for 3 years seems lost its "cushioning" it really pushed my critical pelvis area. I had a resolution, I will look for a new model for 2020. Race bike saddles cost a fortune and it seems at my area in The Netherlands test saddles from bike shops are not very common any more. 

I started my journey autumn 2019 already. 

1. ISM Adamo PN1.1.

Many athletes are crazy about ISM so this seemed to be a great choice. I had so much pain in my sit bone (though I tried it weeks long as build up rides were not long) after 30mins that all Tacx trainings were a nightmare. This saddle ended up at the 2nd hand market, and as expected there was a huge demand for it...

2. Specialized Sitero Expert gel 270g 

This was a much more comfortable saddle for me, I almost kept it. In aero position with a bib short it was perfect but in normal race bike sitting it was too wide for my pelvis. I gave it back at the bike shop and with a small fee deducted I received my money back.

3.  Prologo Tgale PAS CPC Saddle 

This was the moment when I returned to my old Prologo saddle type but of course I bought a new one. If I used it for 3 years and I had an issue at the last long ride, then the problem was that with so many hours usage the material got more rigid. Yeah the saddles have also a life spam....

Currently I am using this saddle, completed several 5-6 hrs rides on it and I am satisified. 

The seat dimension is 240*128 mm, weight 228g.

You can buy the PROLOGO saddle at WIGGLE using this link