Meet Arthur

Hi team,
My name is Arthur de Niet and I have been working with Dora in the Trifharder team from the start approx. 2 years ago. In my day-to-day-job I am a Global IT Solution Architect in the Energy company Shell International but in my free time I am also a mental coach. I have recently developed a mental coaching program for athletes.
When I was a student I was already quite into running and triathlons (only Olympic  and sprint distance)  but then I got married, got a job and kids shifting my focus on other priorities in life. Just 4 years ago however, I recovered my love for running and 2 years ago also found my passion for triathlons again. 

As I am not 18 anymore I need to take better care of my body so I decided to look for a good coach who both has a lot of experience and understands my personal needs for recovery. I found that in Dora and I have since then already done an unofficial half triathlon distances during the Covid period and last summer I did my first official IM 70.3 in Maastricht. 

After my first marathon (Amsterdam) in October last year I have decided that it was time for my ultimate challenge: The real IM Maastricht in August this year.

I am now training hard for it and enjoy almost every minute of the journey towards the race. As it will fit precisely in my training schedule I have also signed me up for Hoorn 70.3 in June, so I will join you all in this team event.

I hope to see as many of you there!